Halle Berry's Best Beauty Tip
Photo by German Marin

Photo by German Marin

Halle Berry - one of the world's most beautiful and youthful women - recently posted on Instagram that bone broth is her secret fountain of youth.  

According to this article in Women's Health, bone broth is full of good for you stuff, like collagen and other vitamins and minerals.  One NY dermatologist states, “These nutrients are then sent to the bloodstream and will supply the dermis—the deepest part of your skin—with naturally produced collagen.”

Bone broth also works well with many of today's most popular diets, including Keto, Paleo, and Atkins.  

To read the whole article, click here: Halle Berry Says Bone Broth Is The Reason Why She Looks So Freaking Young

Stocks  & Bondy Bone Broth is made with quality local and organic ingredients.  Many of our flavors are infused with teas and natural flavors such as lemon, lavender, chai, oolong, and jalepeño . 


An Evening at The James Beard House with Palmaz Vineyards.

Fabulous wine, a great team, an iconic location, and amazing friends made this dinner at famed James Beard House a night to remember.  Five years goes by so quickly and to celebrate we're sharing this Blast from The Past video by Lifestylist. 

 Here's what the Lifestylist had to say about the incredible event at the James Beard House on October 6, 2012: There's nothing like Chef Joanne Bondy and her team of talented chefs from The Old Hickory Steakhouse paired up with Palmaz Vineyards for a very special evening at The James Beard House. 

Chef Marco Canora's Illustrated Guide to Health
Illustration: Hearth 

Illustration: Hearth 

We love Chef Canora's approach to healthy food but, we also owe him a big round of applause for opening BRODO and making bone broth a trend in New York that's stretching across the US and the world.  Of course, our grandmothers knew it all along.

We've included an illustration by Conora's Hearth restaurant that expresses their food philosophy just beautifully 

Read more about Chef Canora and his newest restaurant, Hearth.



The Superfood Secret by Dr. Axe

Have you ever wondered... What's the big deal about Bone Broth?  


In this graphic, bestselling author and BurstFit founder, Dr. Josh Axe explains why Bone Broth is the next "Superfood" and shows why it should be a part of your nutrution plan.


Bone Broth Will: 

1. Protect Your Joints

2. Heal Your Guts

3. Make Your Skin Glow

4. Regulates Your Immune System

4. Detoxify Your Body

5 Boost Your Metabolism.

To Learn More, Read: 


Top Heath Trends in 2016

Don't just take our word for it, Bone Broth is Hot!  Check out this article about the top trends from 2016.  

Nutritionist and author of The Sugar Detox, Brooke Alper believes bone broth is a nearly perfect food. "Bone broth provides you with an extraordinary amount of protein and minerals such as glycine (a key component in the body's detoxification process). Proline and gelatin keep your skin aglow and flawless. You can slurp the broth as is, or use it in sauces and stews!"

Read the entire article here: 



Vichyssoise, Served at Fall Creek Vineyards, Recipe for 8 people

soup Vichyssoise

4 cups of sliced leeks (white only)
5 cups of diced Idaho potatoes  
3 tsp. of kosher salt
pinch of ground white pepper
4 cups chicken stock
4 cups water
Cover and simmer for 30 minutes
Add 1/2 cup heavy cream
1 tsp. Tobasco
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
Adjust S&P
Let cool and puree.

Add chopped sorrell or arugula if desired.
Garnish with chervil, or parsley or chives.
Best make a day ahead.
Serve chilled or hot….but intended to be chilled.

Savor Dallas

Bone Broth is our kind of Retox. All Natural.  Yummy.  Warm.  Wrinkle Eraser.  And we got to share its goodness at Sunday's DeTox/Retox event with Savor Dallas.  Here are some of our favorite pics from the day.