Our Crew

Angie at Stocks and Bondy ©Allison V Smith


Master Fermenter.  

Can pickle anything... her sauerkraut is a customer favorite.

Rides a red scooter and keeps us laughing.

Has a green thumb and an artist's eye.

Loves dogs and making Stocks & Bondy Pet Broth.



©Karen Sanders Studio-071018STOCKSbondyAVS00064.jpg


Master of the Knife and Paintbrush.

Draws anything in and around the kitchen (or table, or farm, or store, or ...).

Has "stocked" the world's greatest chefs.

Takes his barrista duties seriously and keeps the staff caffeinated.

Infuses Stocks & Bondy products with his calmness, kindness, and patience.



Master Snuggler and Smile-maker.

Future scooter operater.

The best dog in the world.

Official Stocks & Bondy Pet Broth taster.